At Barry's Bay Cottages, we offer a variety of self-catering cottage rental alternatives. All cottages come with fully equipped kitchens, barbecues and satellite TV. Towels and linens are provided. All you need is food and personal belongings.

For larger families or families traveling together, our three bedroom cottages are a great option. They offer more inside living space and most feature private, outdoor hot tubs. As you move closer to the beach and lounge area, we also offer a series of two bedroom cottages. Those looking for romantic getaways or more privacy will prefer cottages that feature private, outdoor hot tubs. Cottages close to the entrance to the property are suited for families with young children that like to play at the beach or in the playground.


List of our Cottages
#2 - Blue Jay (1 bedroom; seasonal)
#3 - Loon Call (2 bedroom; seasonal)
#4 - Dragon Fly (2 bedroom; seasonal)
#5 - Gray Wolf (2 bedroom; seasonal)
#6 - Wood Duck (2 bedroom; year round)
#7 - Cotton Tail (2 bedroom; year round)
#8 - Blue Heron (2 bedroom; year round)
#9 - Red Fox (3 bedroom; year round)
#10 - Black Bear (3 bedroom; year round)
#11 - Jack Pine (3 bedroom; year round)
#12 - White-tail (3 bedroom; year round)
#14 - Painted Turtle (3 bedroom; seasonal)
#16 - Trillium (2 bedroom; seasonal)
Resort Amenities
  • Games Room
  • Beach
  • Water Trampoline
  • Children Playground
  • Horseshoe Area
  • Canoes & Kayaks
  • Paddle Boats
  • Motor Boat (for rent)
  • ATVing and Snowmobiling
  • Nature Trails
  • Ice Fishing Huts (for rent)
  • Snowshoes (for rent)